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Utah - 2015-16 Season

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Season / AreaDatesNotes
Ducks, Coots & Mergansers
(except scaup)
Oct 3 - Jan 16Falconry permitted during open season
Ducks, Coots & Mergansers
Oct 3 - Dec 27
Dark Geese
Northern Goose Area
Oct 3 - Jan 16Dark geese include cackling, Canada, white-fronted and brant geese.
Dark Geese
General Goose Area
Oct 3 - Oct 15
Oct 24 - Jan 24
Dark Geese
Urban Goose Area
Oct 3 - Oct 15
Nov 7 - Feb 7
Light Geese
Northern Goose Area
Oct 24 - Jan 16
Feb 18 - Mar 10
Light geese include snow, blue and Ross' geese. The Bear River, Fish Springs and Ouray national wildlife refuges and the Brown's Park, Desert Lake, Farmington Bay, Harold S. Crane, Howard Slough, Locomotive Springs and Ogden Bay waterfowl management areas will be closed to light goose hunting from Feb 18 - Mar 10, 2016.
Light Geese
General & Urban Goose Areas
Nov 3 - Feb 7
Mar 1 - Mar 10
SwanOct 3 - Dec 13May be hunted by permit only.
Youth HuntSep 19Open to licensed hunters ages 15 and under accompanied by an adult at least 21 years old. Youth hunters may take ducks, coots, mergansers, scaup, and dark geese, but not swan or light geese.
FalconrySame as regular seasonsOpen on ducks, mergansers, geese, coots and scaup. Daily bag limit for falconers is 3 birds, possession limit is 9.

Additional Information

Bag LimitSpeciesDaily Limit
Possession limit: 3 times daily bag limit
Duck & Merganser7, including no more than:
  • 2 hen mallards
  • 2 canvasback
  • 2 pintails
  • 2 redheads
  • 2 wood ducks
  • 3 scaup
Dark Goose4
Light Goose20
Swan1 per season, by permit only
Hunting TimesAreaTimes
StatewideRoughly 1/2 hour before sunrise to sunset
Check the Utah hunting guidelines for specific times
Arms & AmmoTypeDetails
Shotgun10 gauge or smaller, incapable of holding more than three shells
ShotMust be non-toxic
ArcheryCrossbows are prohibited