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North Carolina - 2015-16 Season

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Season / ZoneDatesNotes
Ducks, Mergansers and Coots
(except Black & Mottled ducks)
Oct 7 - Oct 10
Nov 14 - Dec 5
Dec 19 - Jan 30
Black & mottled ducksSame as other ducks after Nov 21
Sea DucksOct 1 - Jan 30Limited to the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and to those coastal waters south of U.S. 64 that are separated by a distance of at least 800 yards of open water from any shore, island or marsh.
Dark Geese
Resident Zone
Oct 7 - Oct 17
Nov 14 - Dec 5
Dec 19 - Feb 13
Includes Canada and White-fronted geese. View a map of the dark goose zones here: NC Seasons & Limits
Dark Geese
S. James Bay Zone
Oct 7 - Nov 9
Nov 14 - Dec 31
Dark Geese
Northeast Zone
Jan 15 - Jan 30By permit only.
Light GeeseOct 13 - Feb 13Includes snow, blue and Ross's geese
Light Goose Conservation OrderFeb 15 - Mar 31By permit only. Electronic calls and unplugged shotguns are permitted.
BrantDec 28 - Jan 30
Tundra SwanNov 7 - Jan 30By permit only.
Extended FalconryOct 21 - Nov 2
Jan 27 - Feb 15
Falconers may also hunt during regular seasons. Not allowed on Sunday.
Youth DaysFeb 6 & Feb 13Open to hunters 15 years and younger accompanied by a licensed adult. The adult may not hunt duck, but may participate in other open seasons.

Additional Information

Bag LimitSpeciesDaily Limit
Possession limit: 3 times daily bag limit
Duck6, including no more than:
  • 4 scoters
  • 4 mallards (max. 2 female)
  • 2 scaup
  • 3 wood ducks
  • 2 redheads
  • 2 pintails
  • 1 black or mottled duck
  • 2 canvasback
  • 1 fulvous whistling duck
  • No harlequin ducks
Coot5 (max. 2 hooded mergansers)
Sea Duck7, in sea duck area. Elsewhere sea ducks are part of the regular duck bag limit.
Light Geese25, no possession limit
Light Goose Conservation OrderNo bag or possession limit
Dark Geese5 in Resident Zone
5 in S. James Bay Zone
1 in Northeast Zone
Tundra Swan1 per season with permit
Falconry3 birds
Hunting TimesSeasonTimes
Regular1/2 hour before sunrise to sunset
Light Goose Conservation Order1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset
Arms & AmmoTypeDetails
Shotgun10 gauge or smaller, incapable of holding more than three shells
ShotMust be non-toxic
ArcheryLong and recurve bows with min. 40lb pull
Compound bows with min. 35lb pull
Crossbows with min. 150lb draw weight